The neuraxFoundation was founded in 2013 as the social branch of neuraxpharm Arzneimittel GmbH and has been established as a non-profit subsidiary-owned company in 2014. Its main aim is to support doctors, patients and their families in addition to the supply of medicines. The core areas of its commitment are social and psychosocial counselling for patients and health care professionals.


Unique information service for social law

neuraxWiki is a comprehensive information portal on social law questions and claims for numerous neurological and psychiatric diseases. With the help of its 3 components - neuraxWikiprint, neuraxWikionline, neuraxWikiphone - patients and health care professionals can quickly find the answers they need.


Support programs

Via neuraxPro, neuraxFoundation supports and promotes various organisations and projects that care about the health of affected adults and children. In 2014 for example, a therapy centre for animal-assisted therapies for children and adolescents with neurological and psychiatric diseases was established with the help of neuraxPro.


neuraxFoundation gGmbH
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